What is Chatter Finance?

A financial platform to facilitate a multitude of cryptocurrency investing

Chatter Finance is a community-governed, yield generating deflationary protocol that is built for sustainable growth in any market condition

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Passive Yield

Rewards Distribution

Stake your CHRF and get monthly reward distribution in stablecoins (USDC/USDT).

Market Dynamics

Increasing Floor Price

Each CHRF token in circulation is backed by treasury, which gives it an intrinsic value. The inflows from bonding, Ecosystem Apps like LaunchPad and Dex, Dapp Store and Chatter Capital makes sure that CHRF token has an increasing floor price.


Chatter Dapp Store

Chatter Finance will incubate and power many platforms and applications which will grow the entire builder ecosystem and help bring more profits to the chatter treasury.


Chatter Capital

A percentage of treasury is allocated to Venture Funds, Liquid Token Funds, and Yield Farming for better capital efficiency and rewards for the entire ecosystem and its users.

Chatter Finance Protocol

Unique investment opportunities ranging from innovative Web3 Products, Services, and Applications


Chatter protocol ensures that its intrinsic value will be independent of market condition and every new token generation will increase the overall backing.

The total profit generated by the protocol is distributed to all stakers in stable coins. The amount each staker gets will depend on how much CHRF they staked and how long they were in the protocol in the respective cycle.

Chatter protocol makes sure that the bonding price is always greater than the TAV (total assets backing of an CHRF token). The premium that is charged on each bond sale increases the TAV per CHRF. In simple terms, bonding increases the backing per CHRF, making it more valuable. Also, whenever CHRF is minted then it is backed by the TAV which gives it an intrinsic value.

The profit generated by the treasury investments and from the platforms (launchpads, NFT marketplace and many more) is distributed among the stakers. Staking ensures that you will receive rewards in every profit distribution cycle. Also sCHRF holders get exclusive access to different features in the protocol

In this unlikely event where the price falls below backing, bond prices will still remain above backing, resulting in a negative bond discount. This ensures that no new tokens are minted, and that existing stakers continue to benefit from treasury investments and platform fees.